Group Focus

Holy Trinity has a lot of different groups and activities. To help us get to know ourselves as are church, from December 2019, we have a new feature to our Trinity Life Magazine: Group Focus where we will be introducing, each month, three of our groups. 

The Three Questions

The Bishop of Leicester, Martyn Snow, is asking all the churches that make up the Diocese of Leicester to consider three questions. These ask us to look at what we are doing and see what we could be doing? These can be worded in various ways, around the three themes of Loving Service, Making Disciples and Deeper Discipleship:

  • How are we engaged in loving service to the world?
  • How are we making new disciples of Jesus?
  • How are we going deeper in our discipleship of our Lord?

As Holy Trinity is a diverse church, I thought it would helpful to profile, each month, one of our groups and activities under each of these three headings.

Loving Service

Is there something in your life that you just can't stop doing even though you want to?

Deeper Discipleship

Our church Warden Emerita brings us notes from her archives, including: The Reformation Wall, The Lamb, John Calvin, Thomas Kelly, Humour

Making Disciples

Our Mission links with the Church Mission Society in Argentia.