The Icons and the Areas

The icons and the areas are used to indicate the audience for a particular activity or piece of media. 

The Icons

Familiarity with Christianity

The icons we are using to give an indication of the assumed prior Christian knowledge and commitment of a group or readership. 
HTAI - Town

The Ashby Town Logo

Activities marked with the Ashby Town logo are intended for all. There is no prior knowledge, experience or Christian commitment required. 

HTAI - Church

The Church Building

The icon with a church building, indicates some familiarity with the traditions of the Christian Churches. For example our 8:30 a.m. Communion services contain many elements that would seem strange to those who have not come across them before. It is also a service where little explanation is given, as most of those attending are familiar with what is going on. By contrast our 10:30 a.m. services are carefully worded to allow people unfamiliar with Christianity and the church to feel welcome. 

HTAI - Cross

The Cross

The icon with a cross, is intended to indicate conversion to Christianity. Jesus calls us to 'take up your cross and follow me.' The Christian life has many un-comfortable, even costly aspects. Those who attend events (or articles) marked with the cross, might be challenged to undertake this Christian commitment.

Anyone who attends an event that does expect this commitment, but is not a Christian will, of course, be made welcome.

Instead, idea of these self assessment indicators, is so that whose who attend are able to make an informed choice, both for themselves and any guests they bring. 

HTAI - Boat

The Disciple's Boat

Finally, the icon with a sailing boat, is meant to indicate the whole hearted discipleship of those who 'got into the boat' with the Jesus. Events and articles marked with this icon, would expect people to make significant sacrifices in their Christian walk. A commitment to holiness, generosity, hospitality and service, as well as a life of prayer, study and worship will all be assumed. Again, anyone who attends such an event would be made welcome, but they might find it uncomfortable to be challenged in these ways.


HTAI - Accessible

Accessible for the Disabled

This icon indicates that care has been taken to make the activity or material accessible for those who have disabilities. Examples of this include descriptive text on our website, a T-loop in church and ramped access in our church building.

Children's Ages

HTAI - Ages

Various Age Groups

The children's ages are intended to help parents and carers of younger children easily identify activities and articles that are suitable for the children they look after. These make use of the British education systems categories of Key Stages (KS) 1-4 as well as the pre-school age range of 0-4 years. 

Male and Female

HTAI - Male - Female

Boys and Girls

The ancient symbols for male and female (Mars and Venus) are used here to indicate where the planning of an activity has particularly focussed on a male or female group.

The Areas

The areas relate different aspects of our churches life. These seven areas have been on our website, and for some years, on the walls around church.

HTAI - A - Discovery

A. Discovery

To help you discover more about the Christian way or just spend time with church members.
HTAI - B - Discipleship

B. Discipleship

For those who have committed to follow Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.
HTAI - C - Children and Youth

C. Children and Youth

Various groups and activies for Children and Youth.
HTAI - D - Serving Others

D. Serving Others

Groups that serve others. Including Ashby foodbank, Christians Against Poverty and our Pathways Cafe.
HTAI - E - Serving Elsewhere

E. Serving Elsewhere

Through prayer, friendship and financial giving we support those who serve God's purposes elsewhere.
HTAI - F - Sunday Worship

F. Worship on Sundays

In normal times, the most visible gathering of the church is our Sunday Worship. All are welcome, whether you believe, are curious, or some other reason. Do join us.
HTAI - G - Governance

G. Governance

Groups that govern what we do. These include our Parochial Church Council, Standing Committee and Foodbank Steering Group.
Tim Phillips, 11/04/2020